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Parcel for the Apple iPhone

This app is the best way to track your shipments on iPhone and iPad. And this is for free.

With this application you can promptly access tracking information for 28 couriers, including Australia Post, Canada Post, Chronopost, City Link, Deutsche Post, DPD, Hong Kong Post, La poste, Royal Mail, Parcelforce, USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and TNT(full list of supported services).

Tracking data is collected on our server, so you will get it right to your iphone with a click of a button. You don’t even need to enter the tracking number, barcode scanning is available on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

You can also locate your delivery on the map — easy and simple.

Push notifications provided by Parcel are more convenient than from any other app. They are being sent only from 8am to 10 pm according to your timezone, so you will not be bothered at night. (however, you can disable this option in the settings)

If you want to use push notifications or track more than 3 shipments at the same time — you can purchase extended version right in this app for $1.99.

App Store — Parcel app

If you have any questions, please read FAQ or contact me support[at]
You can also support this project by making donation.

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  1. Ruud Boon:

    Hi Ivan,

    I bought your app and works ok.
    I only got a few issues.

    1. TNT Code doesn’t work. For example I got this code 2SMCP0425134694 but you request 9 numbers

    2. Unstable. Sometimes, on a slow internet connection the app crashes. I use IOS 4 on a 3g.

    Would be great if you can fix these 2 issues.


  2. Chris Muir:


    I’ve been using the paid version of Parcel, and it works well in general, but I can’t get the USPS tracking to work. It says to enter a 13 or 22 digit number, but the delivery confirmation number I have is 20 digits, in five groups of 4, e.g. 0310 0480 0003 1830 5923

    — C

  3. Bob:

    Any chance of a way to enable scanning of the barcode to save typing the reference number? I have a couple of other apps in other areas of work which use the camera to achieve this and it seems to work well for them.

  4. Olaf:

    Would it Be posible to include Hermes in your suported parcel deliverer?
    Thanks in advance….

  5. Taz:

    I have the paid iPad version but it won’t enable push keeps asking me to check Internet. I have tried on both 3G and wifi. I have the 32GB 3G and wifi iPad ios 3.2.1

  6. admin:

    The problem you have mentioned about is a bug, which will be fixed in the upcoming version 1.2.7(it will be available within few days).

    Sorry for inconvenience.

  7. Taz:

    I have paid for push notifications on my iPad but I also have this app on my iPhone how do I update that to push notifications ? Or do I have to pay again? Cos with every other app I can sync to iPad and iPhone

  8. admin:

    No, you don’t have to pay for the extended version again — just login in the iphone under the same Apple ID and press «Purchase extended version» — extended version will be activated, but you will not pay again.

  9. Arnan de gans:

    Amy chance you could support the Dutch tnt service? They don’t use 9 digit codes but things like this 3SQEAX044187401 coupled to zip codes


  10. Ben curtis:

    The app does not work on my iPhone 4 running 4.0.1 software. Can you please fix this.

  11. Bob:

    Have the paid for upgrade to increase the number of items tracked. Have around a dozen items I am tracking. Added another and it was successfully added but the app then froze when the delivery status screen was updating. Quit the app and when I went back in it crashed immediately. Restarted the phone and it did the same. Deleted the app and reinstalled it and it loaded but as soon as I went to the delivery status screen and asked for an update it crashed. It seems possibly there is a limit to the number of items that can be tracked and I have exceeded it. However I cannot give you a precise number or delete any of them as the app crashes before I get a chance to see that screen.

  12. Hi,
    when I’ll change my iPhone from 3GS to 4, do I have to pay again for push notification?


  13. Sebastian:


    I have purchased the extended version. When I want to activate push notification in the application I get the following error: «Sorry, unable to update the data. Please check your internet connection.»
    I am connected by WIFI and currently I am writing this with my iPad, so the connection is ok. ;)
    Can you help me?


  14. Anh Quan:

    I bought this app for my iphone 4 firmware 4.0.2. I can not add any delivery services. You said i can add in the setting page but i can not find where is the setting page.

  15. Anh Quan:

    Ok I knew how to add more delivery services. But i am sorry there is no EMS services. Can you add this? Because EMS service very popular for every countries. I bought this app cause I thought i can track my parcel on EMS services.Thank you!

  16. Calvin:

    Totally agree on adding EMS. Thanks!

  17. Max:

    There’s something wrong with the locate on map. It keeps showing me as being in Texas, which I am not (I’m in UK)

  18. Jesmond Pawley:

    How does it work? I cannot get started!!!

  19. Seb:

    Parcel is a great app as it compiles many delivery companies in a single app.
    However, I can’t get any information when entering La Poste tracking numbers (Colissimo) like 8V75……… while it works on Suivissimo app.
    It is annoying as it is the main reason why I purchased it.
    It used to work, but it is not working anymore.
    Beside, when working, it was not as complete as UPS tracking : only showing something like «your package is on transition» instead of the details available on the Coliposte website such as exact status and location.
    Too bad as it prevents using your nice mapping feature.

    Could you please get it working ?
    Thank you

  20. Chote:


    Is there any way to add EMS tracking?


  21. Is there a way to view the ETA? If not… could it be added? Thanks.

  22. Dan:

    I try the free version and it’s quite useful.
    I wanna buy it for tracking more item and push notifications.

    But is that the item change status will has a push notifications ?
    Or just some status will have a push notifications?
    Admin would you tell me more about this function?

    I should confirm if the function is what I need. :p

  23. Neil:


    I work for American expediting in the USA.  It looks like this would be a great app for the customers, workers and drivers

    Thanks Neil

  24. Hi,

    I like this app, but I ran into a problem with it recently. It seems I can only track 25 packages at one time?

    The only reason I paid for this app was to be able to have a convenient way to track packages I send for my small business while at the Post Office. That being said, I mail out +/- 10 packages a day. I run out of space to add new package information before the current ones in my list arrive to my customers. This means I would need to clear a person from my list before it is shown as being delivered. Is there any hope of increasing the amount of packages I can track? An upgrade perhaps?

    25 is great for mom and pop… but trying to use this app to help organize my business on the fly has let me down.

    — Pixel -

  25. Hi, great app, but I would like to track parcel from courier SkyNet, which I use for long distance
    Is this possible, thanks in advance
    The post office I use for uk delivery’s is a village called Liliington but the map shows this in USA!
    Thanks Sarah

  26. Steve:

    I have a problem with the Hermes courier, it says enter in the 14,15 or 16 digit tracking number but I have a 17 digit number? Anything I should know? I can track the parcel on Hermes website though.


  27. Marc:

    Small bug: can’t use the ‘&’ (amperstand) character in an item’s description! Anything after (including the amperstand) just disappears…

  28. pdadoc:

    Works well, but needs to show scheduled delivery date (as shown on Web site for UPS, FedEx, etc).

  29. Jack:

    hi is it possible to add interlink express to you tracking list



  30. Icerabbit:

    Experiencing a problem where ups does not show a package is out for delivery (6:09 am) yet in the app still shows in transit from the sorting facility. The online tracking info is correct. The app misses the last line of info, despite several refreshes and it is now 7:30am.

  31. Osse:

    Please add swedish DHL…

  32. Hi Ivan
    Just wondering if you could add Australian fastway couriers to the list



  33. Luis Fernando Barriga:

    I have a problem, Amazon, began sending packages via LASERSHIP
    and is not on your list.
    As you can add ?


    Luis F

  34. Damien:

    Synching iPhone and iPad would be very, very nice. :)

  35. John:

    I’m tracking a few fedex packages via iPhone and iPad app, and the updates aren’t being update via the via, but online there is more info, so what’s the problem?

  36. John:

    I mean’t the app isn’t getting the update after a few refreshes.

  37. Keith:

    Looks like the server (on Parcel’s end) that handles the lookups isn’t working. I’ve tried adding tracking numbers for UPS, FedEx, even Japan Post, and the app keeps saying «not a valid number,» despite the fact that tracking these numbers on the carriers’ sites on the web works.

  38. Mat:

    Same problem as Keith, can’t use the App any more…

  39. Russell:

    Careful to would-be purchasers, this app worked great until I paid for the «Extended Version». Ever since the ‘upgrade’, it keeps saying my internet connection is not working. Internet works in Safari, so I’m guessing whatever Push Notification Server you are using is down.

  40. Russell:

    Just an update, everything is now working fine, so based on the previous comments it was probably just a server issue.

  41. Hi there
    Could you add the Portuguese post ‘CTT’ ?


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